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Since opening Araliya in 1985, we have been redefining Sri Lankan cuisine and crafted a unique marriage between eastern spicing and western culinary techniques that uplifts the palate through refined flavours for your enjoyment.

To whet your appetite

Sri Lankan short eats
Platter of two different savouries consisting of two seafood parcels and two crumbed minced meat patties, served with a hot tomato sauce for your indulgence. ( Vegetarian option available) $22.00

Stacks of Thosai
Rice and lentil pancake, sandwiched with aromatic curry leaf & mustard seed infused root vegetables, green coconut chutney and herb salad, vegetarians' delight. $16.00

Coconut Crumbed Lamb Brains
Creamy lamb brains delicately flavoured with a savoury mint filling covered with coconut flakes served with a chilli mayonnaise. $16.00

Baked Crab
A treat for all crustacean lovers, fresh crabmeat cooked with green chilli and cheese, baked in the shell to a golden brown served with a ragi (Kurrukkan flour) roti bread. $27.00

Scallops in a 'Hopper'
Plump scallops pan seared in a home made aromatic roasted coconut paste, nestled in a bowl shaped rice flour pancake. $21.00

An Omelet of Godhamba Roti
An emulsion of free range eggs, spring onion, tomato, green chili, fresh herbs, and goat cheese encased in a parchment thin Godamba Roti. $22.00 (serves two people)

Specials of the day - (please ask)

prices are subject to change