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About Us

Intimate lighting, tranquil music and an ambience that guarantees to take all your worries away, come enjoy the ultimate Araliya experience with Singhalese food blended in with a pinch of French cuisine; wines from Italy, France and your very own back yard; to the mouth watering desserts made out of the finest Swiss chocolates, you can enjoy it over a cup of fine Italian Marenello coffee made especially for you by a certified barista.

Come indulge in the unique variety of vegetables that we offer which is sure to make any carnivore convert into a vegetable lover. Our vegetable dishes are prepared individually to suit your taste and are made to flatter and enhance the tastes of our mains. Of course, no one is left out at araliya. If you are a vegetarian, walk in and feast like a king with the variety of vegetables we have to offer. From twice cooked eggplant with dates to a pan-fried, shredded broccoli and coconut mallum, pumpkin with ground mustard, vegetables will never become boring.

Desserts - Awaken you sweet tooth with Araliya’s extraordinary desserts. Fit for even the strictest dieters, the dessert menu will leave both you and your belly content. Try our seasonal sorbets or swiss chocolate jaffa mousse.

Cook like a crook!  Want to steal some of Sam’s secret recipes to dazzle your family and friends this season? Then sign up for Sam’s cooking classes and discover the secret ingredients that make our food what it is. Classes held every Sunday morning. For more details, contact Dee on contactus@araliya.com.au